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All your gardening needs

We are a family-owned business in Doubtless Bay We stock a full range of plants and garden accessories and service a large area of the Far North of New Zealand. We also offer a great selection of gift ware that is complementary to gardening.

What We Offer

Bulk Landscape Supplies

Bark and Mulch


Potting mix

River rock of various sizes

Lime chip

Waikato gold

Wood chip

Potted Colour

A selection of seasonal colourful flowers.

Punnets of flower seedlings or potted colour.

Sub tropical

A wide range of seasonal plants.

With a list too broad to mention, you’ll find what you need


A broad selection of Native trees, bushes shrubs, hedging mostly grown from seed.


A full range of Seeds and Vegetable Seedlings all year long.

We stock Small, Medium and Large Vegepod self-watering garden beds

Far Norths Largest Range of Water Features


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